BINAA, BINAA is a design and research studio founded by Burak Pekoglu, in 2012. The main focus of the studio is to generate content along with the themes of Building, Innovation, Arts and Architecture, with an exceptional cross disciplinary collaboration model, which is characterized by a strong reciprocal connection between Research, Design and Execution., Building, Innovation, Arts, Architecture, Research, Design, Execution, İstanbul
This area is known as the new city among the public and is situated in the valley at the entrance of the main artery route coming from Kızıltepe. The land which is neighboring parcel to Hilton Mardin also sits in an educational area where schools and dormitories are located. It is possible to see that city libraries have not only become centers for access to books, but also social and cultural centers that have become a part of the intensity of everyday life with their unique yet integrated architectural designs.

It took advantage of the topographic conditions of a high level change leading to a programmatic distribution around vertical axis. The building foundation is anchored at -5 level with a floor plate area of 1680 sqm. There are children, elderly, and disabled library rooms as well as a cafe, lounge and info at the entrance at level 0. The upper floor is where the main reading-researching hall and management units are located. The open shelves and active working areas that surround the atrium are compose along the vertical section from -5 to entry level, constitute the main concept of the Project.