BINAA, BINAA is a design and research studio founded by Burak Pekoglu, in 2012. The main focus of the studio is to generate content along with the themes of Building, Innovation, Arts and Architecture, with an exceptional cross disciplinary collaboration model, which is characterized by a strong reciprocal connection between Research, Design and Execution., Building, Innovation, Arts, Architecture, Research, Design, Execution, İstanbul
The project is located in the city of Cesme by the Aegean Riviera of Turkey. The site is fifty meters to the beach, and has an exquisite view of the sea and the Aegean islands.

There is a rooted summer house culture, and people often get away from the cities to enjoy the view, the sunny weather, the sea and gardening. The aim of this project is to design the units, such that each unit has their own private garden and a direct view of the sea, while preventing a bulky massing that creates a wall effect and therefore disrupts the view from the sea as well as the air ventilation of the area.

Units are designed as interlocking and shifting blocks on a fixed grid, to create private gardens without shading others and also this fragmented massing prevents the undesired wall effect. Three unit families, that have variations within themselves as well, create this interlocking system and result in varied unit types as the client’s request.

The podium that acts as a car park and social area raises the building to enable the units a direct view. The open corridor circulation lies on the back facade for the same reasons.