BINAA, BINAA is a design and research studio founded by Burak Pekoglu, in 2012. The main focus of the studio is to generate content along with the themes of Building, Innovation, Arts and Architecture, with an exceptional cross disciplinary collaboration model, which is characterized by a strong reciprocal connection between Research, Design and Execution., Building, Innovation, Arts, Architecture, Research, Design, Execution, İstanbul
BINAA sponsors the architectural implication of an art installation project of Alana Ruben Free & David Gerstein, “Presence-Present”, 2015 at the 2nd Jerusalem Biennale this autumn.

A collaboration between world-renowned Israeli painter and sculptor David Gerstein and former North American, now Israel-based, theatre artist Alana Ruben Free, Presence=Present is a unique meeting of performance, sculpture and architecture.

Performance Art Meets Sculpture to Celebrate Motherhood in Jerusalem Biennale

“Whenever someone becomes fully present for him/herself or another person transformation happens. Two minutes of loving attention on others and ourselves is a powerful daily act. Presence=Present is the culmination of performance work that I began in 2003, as well as scholarship exploring themes of motherhood and art. After being diagnosed with post-partum depression and atypical anorexia after my first child, I became proudly preoccupied with the question of how one comes to honestly love and nurture one’s self and others. All of my work builds upon over a decade of intense study of Jewish classical texts. I am indebted to David Gerstein and Burak Pekoğlu for their artistic integrity and belief in me throughout this powerful collaboration between sculpture, architecture, and theatre. I will share this participatory process 67 times- the gamatria of Bina-each time affirming love, trust, respect and appreciation as the basis of healthy relationships.”